The Marriage of Figaro

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

26 Feb - 21 Mar 2020

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It’s Figaro’s wedding day – what could possibly go wrong?

Figaro and Susanna are getting married, but trouble clouds the horizon. Figaro’s master, Count Almaviva, is out to bed his bride-to-be Susanna. Meanwhile the heartbroken Countess finds herself the object of Cherubino’s adolescent passion. To top it all off, if Figaro cannot repay a debt to the housekeeper Marcellina, he’ll have to marry her instead!

Mozart’s joyous farce of mistaken identity and misunderstanding, heartache and forgiveness, is bursting at the seams with invention and wit in this hit production. The sublime music bubbles along with comic high spirits, conveying all the delight and pain of love, and the agony and ecstasy of desire.

‘…rich in charm, humour and vitality.’
★★★★★ — The Telegraph (2015)

‘…witty…a joyous achievement.’
★★★★★ — The Stage (2015)


£15 to £75*
  • Leeds Grand Theatre
  • Theatre Royal Newcastle
  • The Lowry, Salford Quays
  • Theatre Royal, Nottingham

Running time
Approximately 3 hours

Sung in English

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Figaro and Susanna, both servants to Count Almaviva, are soon to be married. Susanna is worried that the Count will exercise his feudal right to bed any of his servant girls before the night of their wedding but Figaro vows to outmanoeuvre the Count’s advances.

The old house keeper Marcellina demands that Figaro repay his overdue loan. She reminds him that he had vowed to marry her if unable to pay.

The Count’s page, Cherubino asks Susanna for help. The Count had caught him with the gardener’s daughter and as punishment, intends to send him away for military service.

Figaro sends an anonymous letter to the Count, warning him of adulterers, in the hopes of distracting him during the wedding that evening.

The Countess is lamenting her husband’s infidelity when Susanna arrives with Cherubino, planning to disguise him as a woman and entrap the Count in an act of infidelity. As they are finding a dress for him, the Count suddenly appears, highly suspicious after reading Figaro’s letter. Cherubino only just escapes.

Marcellina arrives to demand that Figaro honours his promise and marry her. The Count happily announces that the wedding is postponed until Figaro’s debt is resolved.


The Count orders Figaro to honour his promise and marry Marcellina. However, Figaro argues that he cannot marry without the permission of his parents, which he cannot obtain because he was stolen from them as a baby. Marcellina comes to realise that Figaro is in fact her own long-lost son. Everybody rejoices and Figaro’s debt is called off.

Susanna and the Countess hatch a plan of their own to entrap the Count. They send him a letter, inviting him to meet Susanna that night in the garden…

The Countess and Susanna swap clothes in order to fool the Count. When he arrives in the garden and sees his wife disguised as Susanna, he declares his love for her. Figaro arrives and recognises his bride disguised as the Countess. The Count witnesses Figaro proudly declaring his love to her and fooled by the disguise, shouts for the guards.

Everybody flocks to the commotion, as the Count demands that Figaro be arrested for seducing his wife. Suddenly the real Countess appears, revealing her true identity and the Count realising he’s been caught red-handed begs for forgiveness…


Phillip Rhodes


Fflur Wyn


Quirijn de Lang

Count Almaviva

Máire Flavin

Countess Almaviva

Heather Lowe


Jonathan Best

Doctor Bartolo

Joseph Shovelton

Don Basilio

Gaynor Keeble


Jeremy Peaker


Alexandra Oomens


Warren Gillespie

Don Curzio

Kathryn Stevens


Cordelia Fish


Creative team

Antony Hermus

Conductor (ex 4, 10, 12, 18, 21 Mar)

James Hendry

Conductor (4, 10, 12, 18, 21 Mar)

Jo Davies


Leslie Travers

Set Designer

Gabrielle Dalton

Costume Designer

James Farncombe

Lighting Designer

Kay Shepherd


Jeremy Sams


The Marriage of Figaro
The Marriage of Figaro

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